Can a laser engraver engrave plastic materials?

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The laser light engraving unit can engrave plastic-type parts. Plastic is a crucial product or service fabric. laser engraving plastic The trademarks, barcodes and phone numbers on plastic material merchandise are used for identification. Typically, the outer lining is generally directly machined, for example embossing, engraving, punching along with other exteal finalizing approaches for example generating, attaching tags, and very hot stamping reduce packaging.

Using laser  engraving device to printing marks on top of plastic-type products is a kind of substantial processing velocity, which may maintain the natural area attributes of plastic-type material products, as well as the printed markings have the qualities of longevity, anti-counterfeiting and high good quality, with out other digesting processes are required.



The principle of laser engraving machine processing 

What are the advantages of laser engraving machine processing? 

Application of Laser Engraving in Plastic Signs


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