Lithium battery power and lithium iron phosphate battery pack

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The sales of the latest vitality autos are increasing gradually. When many small associates pick new vitality vehicles, they may always see several types of power packs made use of by diverse brands.LiFePO4 battery pack , These days, I will explain in regards to the differences, pros and cons for different lithium batteries.

Lithium iron phosphate battery power

Lithium steel phosphate battery power formula: Lithium metal phosphate battery power is a lithium ion electric battery utilizing lithium metal phosphate (LiFePO4) as being the good electrode fabric and carbon dioxide since the unfavorable electrode substance.

Positive aspects: 1. Great temperatures amount of resistance in the electric battery: the thermal runaway temp can attain 500 ℃, the security is higher, and the odds of spontaneous combustion is low. 2: Substantial period daily life, high recycling importance, 3. Low cost: It can not have rare elements like cobalt and nickel, the purchase of raw resources is relatively basic, as well as the pricing is decrease, and will also stop being stuck.

Disadvantages: 1. The reduced temperatures functionality is poor the doing work functionality at minus 20° is attenuated by over fifty percent, which happens to be what a lot of friends claim that battery life in the wintertime has shrunk very seriously. 2. Very low vitality solidity the overall model density is 180Wh/kg, and also the electric battery amount and weight are huge.

Teary lithium battery power

The composition of teary lithium battery: teary polymer lithium battery power, refers back to the lithium battery pack while using teary beneficial electrode material of nickel cobalt lithium manganate (Li(NiCoMn)O2) or nickel cobalt lightweight aluminum aluminate since the positive electrode materials, teary composite positive electrode fabric It consists of nickel salt, cobalt sea salt and manganese sea salt.

Pros: 1. Below lower temperature situations, the strength attenuation is little. 2. The unit energy density is great, and more electrical power might be kept within the identical volume.

Disadvantages: 1. The system energy density is great, and also the effect is prone to energy runaway and fireplace. 2. The routine every day life is not just like that of lithium steel phosphate. 3. The charge is higher, and there are several uses of treasured alloys like nickel and cobalt.



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