Features of car emergency start power supply

ساخت وبلاگ


1. Great workmanship from inside to exterior, wonderful and put on-resilient. portable car starter battery  ,The polymer lithium-ion electric battery could make the automobile crisis begin power supply possess a lengthy support daily life.

2. A variety of recharging heads deal with the majority of the electronic digital products on the market. The central security circuit carries a tiny system and has plenty of energy to offer one more level of defense.

3. Appropriate for 2.4-displacement automobiles, 30 times during the continuous ignition, 20 hours of powerful lighting, 20 time of save sign, and recharging of cell phones and tablets.

4. Urgent lighting effects: bring 3 illumination techniques - lighting, strobe, SOS, and bring a misery signal in the crisis in case there is emergency.




Features of car emergency start power supply    

How to choose the emergency starting power supply for the car


How to purchase a vehicle emergency start off power source



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