What is the anti-oxidation treatment method of metal area

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1. Affect the inteal construction of your steel: including generating different rust-tolerant alloys, Surface Finishing including including chromium and nickel to regular steel to produce stainless steel.

2. Protective layer method: Deal with the steel area by using a defensive covering to isolate the metallic product from your encompassing corrosive moderate, and thus preventing deterioration

3. Electrochemical safety approach: utilize the concept of galvanic cellular to safeguard steel, and strive to get rid of the galvanic cell effect that causes electrochemical rust.

4. Management of corrosive press: Leave out corrosive mass media, including frequently wiping metallic equipment, putting desiccant in accuracy and precision devices, adding a tiny amount of rust inhibitor to corrosive press, and many others.



What are the surface treatments and polishing of metals?    

Application of Metal Surface Treatment Technology

What are the surface treatment options for metals?

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