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Plastics are electrically insulating (apart from conductive polymers), and fixed electric power is made when plastic makes make contact with or rubs against many other materials.  anti static agent,When the accrued fixed electricity will not be removed with time, it could cause electrostatic adsorption, dust assortment, cremation release, etc., resulting in combustion and explosion.

The techniques of removing fixed electricity include conductive fabric (conductive co2 black, metallic powder, and so on.) filling up method, conductive system approach, antistatic broker, and so forth.

Antistatic agencies (surfactants) are widely used to eradicate fixed electrical power in plastic material items. There are actually additional coating strategy and inteal add-on method. The former has poor longevity, is usually employed for momentary or short phrase electrostatic treatment method, and possesses a thin scope of application the ionic and low-ionic work surface activities found in the inteal add-on technique are chosen in line with the different architectural features in the basic resin.




Where can long-acting antistatic agents be used?


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The influx soldering equipment is a kind of selective wave soldering machine manufacturing enterprises. The key purpose of the influx soldering equipment is to solder the electrical parts of the connect-in after getting loaded to the digital circuit board.

The wave soldering machine mainly aerosols the molten solder (steer-tin alloy) in the solder wave crest necessary for the design using an electronic pump motor or an electromagnetic pump, so the imprinted table with pre-installed parts passes by with the solder influx crest to appreciate the ingredients. Soldering of mechanized and power links between terminations or pins and printed out board pads.

Wave soldering (wave soldering device) is mainly utilized for the standard through-pit installation published circuit board electric assembly procedure, plus the blended set up technique of surface assemblage and through-pit installation factors. At the moment, the frequently used influx soldering models in Asia mainly consist of: pc wave soldering machine, dual wave soldering unit, little influx soldering machine and lead-free wave soldering unit.





Product advantages and features of selective wave soldering 

How to choose and configure wave soldering equipment 

How to choose wave soldering equipment?

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Silica gel has a strong adsorption capacity, which can make people's skin dry. Therefore, overalls must be wo during treatment. If silicone comes into contact with your eye area, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Because the pretty blue silica gel contains a little bit of cobalt chloride, it can be harmful. Contact with food and 

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