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The real difference between electronic cigarette pen and cigarette

  • 1. Diverse uncooked resourcesvape pen: Smokeless cigarette pen is a kind of microelectronic mode technology item. Its natural materials is not really smoking cigarettes, in fact it is made from atomizer, lithium electric battery and printer cartridge. It really imitates the flavor of smoke.Actual cigarettes: The unprocessed materials of genuine tobacco is cigarettes, a widely produced plant which can be used to help make cigs, dried out cigarette, tube cigarettes, cigars, and so forth.2nd, the combustion principle is differentThe principle of the smokeless cigarette pen generating light up is through the atomization of e-liquid, which is different from the principle of buing traditional cigarettes. The combustion temperature can reach 800-1000 levels, even though the atomization temperature of electronic cigarettes is approximately 170-200 diplomas.3, the smoke is differentThe smoke cigarettes of your electric cigarette pen differs from that of the traditional smoke. The smoke of the e-cigarette pencil is h2o vapor, and the light up is large and the particle size is small.Standard cigs: Traditional cigs are cigarette smoke and therefore are of your mother nature of sound particles, so their effects on individual lungs may also be different. like:How to use electronic cigarette pen The principle of smoking cessation of electronic cigarette pen Do you know how to choose an electronic cigarette pen? ,vape pen ...ادامه مطلب

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